Exploring Teams are outgoing, cooperative, and eager to work together. They have an active desire to learn and try new things. With an eye on the big picture, they share ideas—and resources—freely and informally.

  • Daring
  • Imaginative
  • Risk-Tolerant

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Characteristics of an Exploring Team

Natural Strengths

  • Ambitious and eager to drive forward
  • Quick to make connections
  • Excited about new challenges

Caution Areas

  • Speed and innovation may come at the cost of quality.
  • Big-picture focus can leave details glossed over.
  • Can quickly abandon ideas that don’t work out initially.

13% of teams are Exploring Teams

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How Exploring Teams take action

Self-aware teams understand their strongest tendencies and blind spots, and they take action accordingly. Exploring Teams can take advantage of their strengths while addressing shortcomings, by:

Amplifying quieter voices. Your team may move quickly, favoring a decision-making process that requires talking things out in real time. This could leave more introspective or analytical members of the team feeling unheard. Be sure to make time for equal participation and input in group meetings, or through 1-on-1 check-ins.

Identifying solutions as a group. Your team’s passion for ideation and innovation may lead to conflict over whose ideas to commit to and prioritize. Try to bring the group together to discuss what ought to be the main focus now, or better yet, take pieces of different ideas to create a path forward.

Improving internal communications. Your team makes decisions on the fly and does well talking things out as a group. But when you go your separate ways, you may end up working in silos. Give your internal communications the same weight as those you have with clients, so you can ensure you’re sharing feedback as a team and incorporating it effectively.