Learning and Engagement Action Platform

Why is an engaged workforce important?

Engagement is an individual’s emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. It’s fueled by fit and satisfaction with one’s job, manager, team and organization.

Improving engagement is an ongoing process. Increasing the engagement of your team involves creating plans and having candid conversations. Prepare for your team debrief, create an action plan, and execute your strategy.

Employee Engagement Power Up



77% of people with bad managers say they’ll look to leave their companies in the next 12 months.



78% believe it’s important for managers to tailor their communication style to each employee.



99.9% of employees believe it’s important for managers to be self-aware

How can you prepare to be successful as a manager?

Personal Action Plan Template

Record your personal goals, strategies, and tactics.

A Manager’s Guide to Reference Profiles

Gain insights on how to motivate, provide direction, give feedback, and coach your employees based on their drives and needs

PI Employee Experience FAQ Sheet

Find answers to your questions about engagement, the engage report, or the team debrief.

5 Tips for Employee Engagement and Retention

Engaged employees tend to be significantly more productive, less likely to leave, and deliver better quality of work, which is all tied to the bottom line.

Getting ready to meet with your team?

Facilitator Discussion

Facilitator Discussion

Guides you through discussing your results with your team and ensures your meetings are successful.

– 1 minute –

Team Debrief Guide

Prepare for the team awareness meeting. Reflect on report insights, gain strategies for conversations, and review the to-do list.

You’ve reviewed your results with your team. Now what?

Team action plans

Team Action Planning

Start working on the initiatives you’ve talked about with your team and increasing their engagement!

– 2 minutes –

Team Action Plan Checklist

Know what comes next on the post-workshop journey and check completed events off along the way.

Team Action Plan Template

Record your team goals, strategies, and tactics.

Need help understanding and managing your team?

The foundation of engagement is in the understanding of your people. Explore and use the tools in the software to find out what motivates and drives your team individually and as a group.

Relationship Guide

With the Relationship Guide, it’s easy to see how two people’s strengths combine and where they may need some guidance. A quick report can solve pesky communication challenges and drive productive conversations.

Manager Development Chart

Learn your management strengths, caution areas, and tips for improving. Once you’re in tune with yourself, you can tailor your management strategy to your employees’ differing drives and needs.

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