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Push past your growth blockers. 

CEOs are tired of expensive consulting projects with a short shelf life—and they struggle to implement your recommendations because their people problems get in the way. It can be hard to make an impact. Be more than a high-cost report that ends up in a drawer. Be a true strategic partner by adding PI to your consultant toolbox. 

As a consultant, have you been thinking of ways to: 

  • Scale your business more easily
  • Create a more predictable revenue stream
  • Extend your one-off engagements
  • Limit the amount of upfront work each time you begin an engagement
  • Better address your client’s needs without having to master numerous tools

As a Certified PI Partner, you’ll add a high-margin subscription offering to your product suite—allowing you to grow your business while forming longer-lasting client relationships with no prohibitive costs to you.  Solutions are delivered through a combination of software, consulting, and management workshops. 

3 reasons to add PI to your consultant toolbox

PI is a high-margin subscription offering.
With guaranteed income pouring in every month, you can focus on nurturing longer-lasting relationships rather than hunting for new clients.

PI drives continual upsell opportunities.
The Predictive Index will continue to add new features to its platform, laying the groundwork for repeated upsells.

PI is a turnkey solution.
Leverage our talent optimization software to help your clients solve their people problems, build a talent strategy, execute it, and make ongoing improvements.

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