Managing remote employees with PI

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What you'll learn:

You’ll learn how to utilize the PI software tools available to improve your self-awareness and manage your team through behavioral data.

Self-awareness of your leadership superpowers

Manager self-awareness is a key contributing factor to employee engagement. A manager that’s aware of their own natural behavioral tendencies and has the ability to adapt to the needs of others, is a manager that can motivate others and get the best out of their team members.

During times of stress or pressure, we all revert back to our most natural behavioral tendencies-this is called threat rigidity. The image below shows where an individual or team might find themselves during a time of crisis or at a time of particularly high pressure. See which quadrants you’re in with Team Work Styles. The blue bars represent what areas you fall into. 

Try it out

Use the activity below to see how your top concerns might change based on the composition of your team during stressful times.

Behavioral Report

Downloading your own behavioral report is a great way to gain an understanding of your own personal drives, needs, and behaviors. When downloading the report, check the “Managerial Style” box for a report that will focus on your most natural managerial tendencies.

Manager Development Chart

Manager Development Chart Walkthrough

The Manager Development Chart is an amazing tool to give you self coaching tips. Use the MDC to identify your natural strengths as a leader, potential blind spots and self-coaching tips to help you identify where you may need to adjust your leadership style to cater to the needs of your direct reports.

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