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Establish roles and responsibilities using Team Discovery

In our 2021 CEO Benchmarking Report, we found that 96% of companies have shifted strategic direction in some way since March 2020. This can have a huge impact on how work gets done now versus previous procedures. Moving team members around, assigning new leaders, or even just rallying around a new goal can cause confusion and frustration—especially if not handled properly. 

With so many personalities and different skillsets, it’s can be challenging to know exactly who should be assigned where. PI can take the guessing out of assigning roles. You can use the Team Discovery tool within PI Design to uncover your unique team identity and strategy type. By understanding how the team maps back to the strategy at hand, you can identify which team members are most suited for which initiatives you’re trying to accomplish

Check out the video below for a breakdown on how Team Discovery can help:

Using Team Discovery to establish roles and responsibilities on a team
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