Managing remote employees with PI

Creating team dynamics with remote teams

Remote teams may not get as much time to spend together to really understand each other’s similarities and differences and learn the best way of working together as a team. Running a Team Discovery report will allow you to visualize the critical differences in styles among your team, influence positive communication, and avoid toxicity. Plot the team and schedule a video meeting to discuss this as a group. Be sure to host discussions in the context of what the team is working on and to plot their team priorities using the tool.

Consider using the Stop, Start, and Continue structure for these conversations with your team. 

What should we start doing that we don’t currently, to make the team more effective?

What do we need to stop doing to be more effective as a team?

What do we already do very well as a group which should be continued.

Relationship guide

Colleagues that work remotely can benefit greatly from understanding the similarities and differences that can impact their 1:1 relationships. As the team’s leader, you can leverage the Relationship Guides to help improve the working dynamics of the individual members of your team. Use the activity below to try and provide advice for team members to improve their relationship.

Use the guide to your full advantage is by having team members review their own relationship guides and creating 1:1 meetings to discuss how they can work together effectively.

These tools can help you retain that strong team dynamic and even improve upon it during times where the work environment might be shifting.

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