Developing trust in teams

What does trust look like in a team?

Some will often confuse trust to be actions that are considered a common courtesy. Just being “friendly” with one another is not the true definition of trust that you’re looking for. Only asking how a person’s day was and then going about your business will never get you there. The good thing is, if your team is performing these actions, this is usually a preliminary step toward building that trust.

Instead, trust within your team is defined by your team’s ability to respect and appreciate each other’s opinion. Everyone should be on the same page and assume the best intentions from one another. However, this doesn’t mean everyone has to always agree. In fact, disagreements should be encouraged and will be normalized for a team with trust. These teams will feel they have a safe space to debate ideas and strategies. That ability to be transparent will spark healthy conflict that generates better results.

A more succinct way to summarize this is by using Patrick Lencioni’s triangle of trust. Interact with the diagram below to learn what each step of the triangle represents and how trust can ultimately lead to results for your team.

Stop & Reflect

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