Self-awareness of your leadership superpowers

Manager self-awareness is a key contributing factor to employee engagement. A manager that’s aware of their own natural behavioral tendencies and has the ability to adapt to the needs of others, is a manager that can motivate others and get the best out of their team members. During times of stress or pressure, we all…

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Measuring what matters

Having engaged employees sounds wonderful, but where should we start to get there? As with any aspect of talent optimization, real data can analyze and pinpoint where to focus. Engagement data should be collected directly from your employees to understand the four areas of potential misalignment. Take a look at some example questions you could be asking below:…

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What is employee engagement

What is employee engagement anyway? At its core, employee engagement is simply the relationship between an employee and the organization they work for. Simple, right? But if you take it a layer deeper, engagement is fueled by fit and satisfaction with one’s job, manager, company culture, and coworkers. Why does that matter? Engaged employees are…

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Empowering employees to be resilient

Resilience is what will hold your business strategy together, even when times are tough. But resilience also applies to the people of your organization. When the chips are down, every action or decision your people make comes under scrutiny. Everyone’s time becomes more valuable—because you now have fewer people than you expected. And this will…

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Why and how to measure disengagement right now
Employee Engagement COVID