What are you paid to do?

Ask yourself what you’re paid to do. Was your answer “to get results”? Results are a factor of the activities you’re paid to do. In a leadership role, your activities might be getting your employees around roadblocks, protecting them from workplace politics so they can focus, inspiring and motivating them, and building a culture of trust and accountability that fuels productive work. The aggregate of those activities drives results. 

Why is this question important? If a goal is your only focus, the roadmap to get there is undefined. As a result, it’s inefficient and unmotivating. Leaders who inspire employees to maximize their potential will reach goals without losing people or burning them out along the way. 

Self-awareness is key for leaders—some motivate with enthusiasm and drive, others get buy-in and inspire from the bottom up. Acknowledging your natural, genuine leadership style helps align your approach to what the organization and your team need, and helps deliver results organically. Share on facebook Share on twitter

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