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through Talent Optimization

Great results start with a great team. But how do you know the team you have in place is capable of achieving optimal results? This workshop uses a talent optimization framework to empower you to strategically design your team, align team members to your culture and goals, hire purposefully, and manage the team smartly as your business grows.

Latest Episodes

What makes a badass team

What distinguishes “bad” hires from “badass” teams? We talked to 30 executives to find out and here’s what we learned.

Roadblocks to building badass teams

How do you hire for a role that’s constantly evolving? Find out the obstacles to hiring great marketing leaders—and how to overcome them.

Why alignment drives results

Leaders need to make an impact but if they’re not clear on expectations, success is unattainable. Explore how alignment can make or break a team.

Strategy: a single point of failure

Without strategy, goals are vague and tactics are a guessing game. The key to badass teams? Compelling them with a strategy to execute.

Creating a strategic culture

How do you ensure your culture aligns with your hiring process and business results? Start with the culture wheel.

The keys to organizational structure

Taking an honest look at how closely your resources match up to priorities could be your roadmap to success. Find out how to do it.

Recruiting with culture & values

Hiring “culture fits” is ingrained—but it shouldn’t be. Stop recruiting just culture fits and you might find yourself building a stronger team.

Be a hiring badass

Do you hire just for job role fit, or for potential impact? Successful companies methodically hire candidates who go above and beyond—here’s how.

What are you paid to do?

This seemingly simple question is layered with implications for your team. Find out why leaders are paid to do more than just deliver results.

Erica Seidel​

Erica Seidel established The Connective Good in 2011. Her philosophy is that recruiting needs to look less like procurement and more like one-to-one sales and marketing. Erica has placed marketing, marketing analytics, marketing technology, and customer success leaders for a range of companies, including Zipcar, BlueConic, Healthgrades, MarketShare, and Analytic Partners, to name a few. Previously, she ran Forrester Research’s global advisory businesses for CMOs and digital marketing leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Erica has an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in International Relations from Brown University. She is on the Advisory Board for the MarTech conference, serves as a coach to the Ascendant Network for the industry’s top digital marketing leaders, and co-leads the Marketing Tech in the Hub invite-only event series.

Drew Fortin​

Drew has been on the The Predictive Index (PI) leadership team since joining the company in 2015. As Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Drew leads PI’s growth strategy. In January 2019, Drew and team successfully raised a $50M growth-equity investment from General Catalyst to build out the talent optimization category, of which he is the architect, and continue scaling PI as the world’s leading talent optimization platform. A visionary thinker and strategist, Drew’s deepest passion lies in inspiring teams to achieve the unthinkable. Over the past 15 years, Drew has developed a versatile skill-set including business strategy, customer acquisition/retention, category design and team leadership and has led teams and developed growth strategies for companies in e-commerce, HR technology, local media, and marketing technology.

Drew holds an MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a BA in Music Business Management from Berklee College of Music.