The Science Behind Team Discovery

Team strategic emphasis

What are the origins of team strategic emphasis?

PI’s strategic and team objectives are based upon Quinn & Rohrbaugh’s Competing Values  Framework (1983), a popular tool for describing organizational effectiveness and culture. In  developing these objectives, PI’s Science team conducted an extensive literature review and  test development process to ensure that the objectives were sound, representative of their  theorized quadrants, empirically related to the four primary factors of the PI Behavioral  Assessment, and valid in defining strategic direction. This process involved subject matter  experts from numerous organizations and experience levels, as well as a number of field tests  and pilots, before launching the final list of objectives and scoring methodology. The  development is further detailed in the PI Strategy Assessment Technical Manual. 

How does team strategic emphasis work?

First, the team’s leader selects a subset of the 20 team objectives in the PI software. These  selections produce team quadrant scores. Scores are based on the percentage distribution of  alignment across the four quadrants. These percentages are then converted into 0-3 emphasis  scores. Quadrants with at least 30% alignment receive a score of 3.

Strategic pursuit is visualized through a series of 0 to 5 purple arcs surrounding each Team  Discovery quadrant; the more arcs associated with a quadrant, the higher that quadrant’s  strategic emphasis with regard to the team’s objectives.

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