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General cognitive ability assessments are among the very best predictors of training success and job performance across all job levels and industries. When cognitive ability is used as a key data point in talent decision-making, the odds are greatly improved for selecting individuals who can catch on quick, figure things out on their own, and are able to meet or exceed performance expectations sooner.


You can determine a recommended target score, based on the role and work environment, using the PI Cognitive Assessment Target Scoring Guide. The level of job complexity and organizational factors, such as the speed of business and structure, shape the cognitive demands of the job and are considered when identifying a recommended target score.

Example Scoring Scenario



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Backed by Science 

The PI Cognitive Assessment is a scientifically validated measure of general mental ability, built following strict standards of test construction set by professional organizations such as the APA (American Psychological Association), SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology), and the ITC (International Test Commission).

When used correctly, the PI Learning Indicator is a powerful and legally defensible assessment for guiding high quality talent decision-making. Learn more about the Science Behind PI or see sample PI reports.

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