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What Is PI?

Make better hiring decisions.

Hire the Best

Don't regret your next hire! Let PI help you successfully attract, select, hire, and onboard only the best-fitting candidates.

Increase employee engagement.

Retain & Engage

It's a struggle keeping employees engaged. Learn how to play into their superpowers and create an electric culture with low turnover!

Develop high performing teams.

Develop Teams

Creating teams that click is hard. Give your team insights into better ways to communicate, understand each other, and inspire change.

Discover high performing employees.

Discover HiPo's

Not all high-performers are easy to spot. Identify those with the natural ability to lead and realize how to develop them into great leaders.

End Sales Slumps

Poor management and job-fit gaps lurk under most sales fails. Get to the root of your problem and start heading in the right direction.

Find the right people and keep them energized.

The Predictive Index® leverages a simple methodology that empowers you to understand the true behaviors of your workforce so they can take you where you want to go. Learn how PI gives you the tools you need to supercharge and harness the power of your workforce.

The Predictive Index uses scientifically validated assessments, technology, and knowledge transfer.

Stop the psychobabble and get down to business with earth-shattering insights.

The Predictive Index assessments are quick and easy to analyze. Administer assessments, review results, conduct behavioral and cognitive job analysis, fit-gap analysis, and look at the collective behavioral patterns for groups or teams on any device. How do you like that for POWER?!

Reach maximum velocity with amazing service and education.

Get dedicated service, professional training, certification, and expert advice through our network of PI Certified Partners so you can apply insights FAST and create a stronger, more cohesive, and efficient workforce ready to tackle the most complex problems and help your business dreams come true.

Total Number of PI Assessments Completed All Time

“The Predictive Index system removes the guesswork from hiring, allowing us to make the best decisions, right off the bat.  This has helped us identify potential leaders, grow, and become a national brand.”

Craig Averett, Recruiting Manager - Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant uses The Predictive Index to hire great people.
  • We now have the right people in the right roles, and that is having a positive impact on customer service and return visits. The Predictive Index pays for itself."

    Harrold Jackson, multi-unit SUBWAY Franchise Owner
  • "Just as we wouldn’t start to build a building without a good set of blueprints, we don’t put together a team of people to build a building without using PI."

    Jim Ansara, Founder and Chairman, Shawmut Design and Construction
  • "The PI assessment is a quick and easy tool to administer and will give you 100 times the return on your investment."

    Donald McConnell, Regional Developer, Massage Envy
  • "Understanding and utilizing behavioral profile results of The Predictive Index not only changes the way you recruit and manage human capital, it fundamentally changes the way you approach organizational development in general."

    Trey Maust, Co-President/CEO & Board Member, Lewis & Clark Bank
  • "The PI has increased our employee retention rate because people are naturally happier. They’re in roles and on teams where they can succeed and thrive and their jobs meet their specific needs."

    Meribel Olvera, Senior Vice President of Operations, ExamSoft
  • "Using The Predictive Index, we have retained more, hired less and our employees are more efficient on every metric we can measure them on."

    Ian Murray, Production Manager, Gold Key Resorts

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Accurately predict and analyze behavioral patterns, decoding the drives, motivations, and needs of job candidates, employees, and even entire teams.

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