Your Transition Guide to Team Discovery

Team Work Styles is getting a significant upgrade to Team Discovery. Use this guide to learn how to best transition from Team Work Styles to Team Discovery—a brand-new PI Design feature—so you do not skip a beat in your talent optimization workflow.

What’s happening with Team Work Styles? 

Team Work Styles has helped thousands of teams improve their communication, decision-making, and cohesion. And now, it is getting a significant upgrade.

Leveraging years of client feedback, Team Work Styles is getting upgraded to a more robust and actionable team tool called Team Discovery in PI Design.

You will be able to use Team Work Styles until January 10, 2021. At that point, Team Work Styles will be removed from the PI Platform, as it is getting upgraded to Team Discovery.

Why is Team Work Styles going away?

PI is always striving to improve your experience—so you can build teams that drive results in your business. 

After interviewing clients like you, we learned that leaders found both Team Work Styles and Explore Leadership Alignment (a visual tool to understand any team’s fit to strategic objectives) helpful. However, most wanted even more guidance on how to apply the insights and take action.

What is Team Discovery?

Team Discovery is an exciting, brand-new feature in PI Design that truly bridges the gap between business strategy and people strategy. It’s the only tool on the market that lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success. 

It combines the best aspects of both Team Work Styles and Explore Leadership Alignment (with an emphasis on taking action throughout)—so you understand how to lead your teams to get along and get the job done.

What is PI Design?

PI Design is a module of cutting-edge team tools to understand and improve any team. With PI Design: 

  • See any team’s fit to strategy.
  • Discover your Team Type.
  • Align on priorities.
  • Uncover what is holding any team back from reaching its potential.
  • Get prescriptive actions to improve any team’s chance of success based on their goals.

I currently don’t have PI Design. Do I get Team Discovery?

To make this transition as smooth as possible, any client that currently has PI Inspire will receive unlimited complimentary access to Team Discovery until their 2021 renewal date.

We understand that this transition will look different for every customer. At the point of renewal, you’ll work with your PI consultant to adjust your subscription to meet your Design needs moving forward.

Which user types have access to Team Discovery?

The person who owns PI at your organization will have access to Team Discovery in the PI platform (Account Owner and Account Administrator user types).

If you would like to access Team Discovery and your user type is currently set to Power User, User, or Read-Only, then please contact your Account Owner, Account Administrator, or PI Partner to change your user access. Once you change your user access, you will automatically be able to see and access Team Discovery.

Is there anything else I should know? 

Team Discovery is a robust and useful feature that makes a few of our legacy team features redundant. To streamline your experience and reduce confusion, all PI users will not be able to access the following team tools starting on January 11, 2021:

  • Team Work Styles (PI Inspire) 
  • Explore Team Alignment (PI Inspire)
  • Explore Leadership Alignment (PI Design) 
  • Business Strategy Assessment (PI Design)
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