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A people strategy to match your business strategy

You have a business strategy for how you plan to grow, evolve, and adapt. But the success of that business strategy depends on a great people strategy. How will you put the right people in the right roles? How will you manage and motivate them? How will you maximize their potential, engagement, and productivity?

Through our software, tools, and workshops, PI provides a powerful, holistic framework for your people strategy that will compliment your business strategy and drive your bottom line success.

Better people management

Better people management starts with better hiring. PI will guide you to diagnose the requirements for success in each job—then we’ll match candidates to those requirements—discovering how they think and work through our scientifically validated behavioral and cognitive assessments.

With PI, there are no caps on how many assessments you can administer. We believe Behavioral assessments should be the first step  in every candidate’s hiring process. They give you critical information to triage and screen a candidate pool—saving you time and dramatically increasing the chances of job-person fit.

Once the right people are in the right seats, you’ll want to make sure your management practices are attuned to their needs. The best way to manage people well is to understand their unique drives and motivating needs. PI offers you far more than a personality test to help your managers on this front. We’ll also give you personal development charts, management strategy guides and team dynamics reports to help you coach, manage, and inspire each team member.

Proven Results

PI provides a better solution than any other to help us find the best person for each role, and provide a path for the team members’ ongoing professional development. The results are lower attrition, improved efficiency and a more engaged team!

Ira Bornstein Chief Strategist, TouchSuite

The Predictive Index has not only transformed our recruitment model, it has been a pivotal tool in preserving our culture as we grow. By using the results to understand what drives our employees’, we’ve realized an improvement in retention and engagement of top performers.

Ashley M. Bronsky Chief Operating Officer, Orchard Medical Consulting

PI's survey is very quick and easy to take and I've delivered many results to employees at multiple levels within my organization and not one person (even the most skeptical) has disagreed with the results. The results have offered valuable insight into how to work with new and existing employees and how to have a fully engaged team.

Sunshine Panucci HR Manager, McKesson

It’s not every day that you can find such a time-tested and effective method with a deep toolbox of tools to help your team. PI has given my department relevant and logical tools to help hire, mentor, coach and inspire our employees.

Jackson Hisey Tech Line Manager, Nissan North America

I feel like every organization should have this tool. It has helped in our hiring decisions, developmental training, and team building.

Madison Sanchez HR, Bank of Tampa

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Learn how PI can help you align your people strategy to your business strategy.