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Organizations with a highly-engaged workforce have managers who are highly invested in understanding and supporting their employees' individual drives and needs. With good management comes an electric company culture devoid of misunderstanding and misalignment.

Always be selling. Better.

Easily quantify the consultative selling skills of your salesforce and see revenue skyrocket by gaining an objective view of your sellers' strengths and areas for improvement with our Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (Skills Assessment

  1. Building trust and credibility
  2. Identifying client needs
  3. Presenting products/services and articulating their value
  4. Handling objections and gaining agreement for the sale
  5. Creating customers for life with effective positioning

Once your skills are benchmarked, you can use our sales training workshops to take your skills from good to great! Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS) is an effective sales training program that covers the core competencies of consultative selling. Using a highly interactive instructor-led workshop format that incorprate the your team's Selling Skills Assessment Test™ (SSAT), CFS delivers a customized agenda to pump your salesforce with the knowledge necessary to achieve hyper-growth. Participants leave the workshop ready to apply new skills to their everyday interactions with customers and prospects. CFS workshops can be up to two days in length depending on the needs of your salesforce. A certified, train-the-trainer format is also available for companies with larger salesforce's that will benefit from a trainer on staff.

Sales Manager Training

Bad sales management makes for bad sales sales teams. The ability to coach and motivate sellers is a critical sales management skill. While CFS teaches your people how to sell better, our coaching programs – Coaching for Sales Growth™ and Coaching to Excellence™ – give sales managers the skills needed to drive day-to-day performance. These two innovative and comprehensive sales coaching programs give managers the skills to work with every sales rep along, no matter where they fall.

Coaching For Sales Growth + Coaching To Excellence = Sales Team Supercharged

Try our Selling Skills Assessment

Coaching for Sales Growth is a powerhouse one-day sales management coaching workshop that combines selling skills metrics with behavioral data by using both SSAT and PI Behavioral Assessment data. Coaching to Excellence is a one-day sales management coaching program that leverages your organization’s unique selling skills metrics and SSAT data for explosive results.

Both of these training workshops give your sales managers a proven four-step coaching process, advanced coaching skills, and practical application strategies.

Schedule an appointment with a PI Certified Partner to learn more about the ISAT and IFR program.

Influence others to affect change

Knowing when and how to influence others is not just for sellers. Our Influence Skills Assessment Tool (ISAT) provides a quantifiable measurement of your influencing abilities. Employees who who are in positions that require influencing others to gain buy-in on new ideas and acceptance on projects are perfect candidates for the ISAT. This quick assessment determines your influencing strengths and identifies areas of growth for managers and individual contributors at all levels across your organization. The ISAT measures five key areas of influence:

  1. Building trust and credibility
  2. Understanding the situation and specific needs
  3. Presenting ideas and articulating their value
  4. Handling objections and gaining agreement
  5. Creating long-term relationships with effective positioning

Gaining support and commitment for your ideas and goals is a critical skill needed to master any position. The ability to influence positively and effectively is a skill that can be learned and developed by anyone who wants to communicate their ideas persuasively, build relationships, and gain support from others. This instructor-led course strengthens your ability to create impact with all types of people in your organization. You learn to build consensus, motivate commitment and change, and extend your reach to deliver performances that drive results.

Get an immediate lift in your influencing skills with our Influencing for ResultsTM workshop!

The one-day workshop, also called IFR, teaches you the skills to carry out objectives through proven methods, skills, and techniques. Take insights from the ISAT assessment and put them into action with colleagues, customers, and vendors. Taking the ISAT assessment 3-6 months following the IFR course will help you measure your increase in influencing power.

Schedule an appointment with a Certified PI Partner to learn more about the ISAT and IFR program.

Wouldn’t it be great if your workforce just clicked?