Workshop Checklist for Clients

Use the checklist below to make sure your employees are prepared for their upcoming workshop. These items need to be taken care of before the start date to ensure your employees are able to participate in all workshop activities and have the best experience.

Create users in the software
  • All individuals attending a workshop will need their own login for the software.
  • To learn about creating new users, read our ‘User Management‘ article.
Confirm users can login to the software
  • Check in with the new users and confirm they received their login credentials and can access the software by logging in.
  • To login go to: app.predictiveindex.com
  • If the user can’t locate their credentials, have them click the forgot password button at the login screen to reset their password.
Confirm the users have the right folder access
  • Users, Power Users, and Read Only users are not automatically given access to all assessments. They need to be enabled folder access in order to see assessments.
  • To learn about enabling folder access, read our ‘Folder Management‘ article.
Confirm the participants have completed their Behavioral Assessment
  • If they have not completed the behavioral assessment, email the assessment from the software.
  • To learn about sending out a behavioral assessment, read our ‘Send a behavioral or cognitive assessment‘ article.
Confirm their assessment results are associated with their login
If you run into any issues following the above steps, contact customer support
  • Contact Support with this form
  • Phone: 877-235-1541