Sales Training Workshop

Customer-Focused Selling

1 or 2-day workshop

Use people science as your sales secret weapon. Take the mystery out of your sales performance and give your reps the tools to better understand prospects and themselves. This workshop combines a skills assessment with targeted learning to help participants quantify and improve the skills needed to execute a strategic approach to selling.

Who should attend?

  • Account executives
  • Sales representatives
  • Business developers
  • Client success managers
  • Sales professionals at any level

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand a prospect’s perspective and how to show them the value of your product.
  • Quickly identify the characteristics and needs of people with different buying styles.
  • Utilize effective listening, empathy, and communication skills to guide conversations.

What impact will you see?

  • Improved sales performance through benchmarking and continuous development of your salesforce
  • A strategic approach to selling that capitalizes on the talent and strengths of your sales team
  • Increased sales conversion rates driven by the clear articulation of value and understanding of the client’s viewpoint

Who leads this session?

The PI for Sales workshops is led by expert PI Certified sales consultants around the globe who are experienced in sales performance management and coaching. Our workshop facilitators are proficient in the PI workforce assessments, software, managerial workshops, and our proven sales methodology. With an average of 20 years of consulting experience in sales and general business management, they will help you optimize your talent to maximize for business impact and performance.

What is the Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT)?

The SSAT is a sales assessment that generates actionable data to increase the sales production and customer interaction skills of your whole team by providing an objective look at people’s strengths, skills, and areas for improvement.

This workshop has allowed me to conduct my sales discussions and negotiations more systematically and with more confidence.

Deirdre D. Sales Performance Manager, Automotive

The SSAT is one of the greatest sales tools you can have if you are a sales manager, VP of sales or a GM. It identifies a person’s basic selling skills and the specific areas for improvement.

Mike Eastwood President, GVW

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