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Hi, I'm Pam!

Pam Carney is an Account Executive that utilizes over 20 years of presentation, facilitation and strategy implementation to create value for HR, Talent Management and Leadership development efforts within organizations. She is considered an expert in the assessment industry.

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The PI software generates powerful insights about your people to help you overcome the forces of disengagement and create high performing teams. Determine if candidates and existing employees fit with a job, understand how your team thinks and works and motivate them to greatness with easy to use tools.

PI management workshops

Poor management. Low retention. Empty hiring pipeline. Lack of engagement and productivity. These challenges plague our workforce today. You don’t have to live in this reality. Find your solution by implementing a people-driven methodology and plan. PI management workshops provide you with the insights and strategies needed to combat and overcome your most pressing challenges.

Our most successful clients use PI management workshops as foundational learning and professional development for individuals and teams throughout their company.

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