People data is the key to business success.

We’ll show you how to measure it, analyze it, and use it to solve your greatest business challenges.

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People data is the key to business success.

What if you could understand your people—your employees, your candidates, your co-workers—in just a few minutes? With our workforce assessments you can. Administer our behavioral and cognitive assessments to collect the critical people data you need to answer questions like:


How can I motivate my low-performing employees?

Which candidate will be most successful?

Why is that team unable to reach its goals?



Workforce assessments are at the heart of what we do, but they’re just one piece of the puzzle. After you’ve collected your people data, you need to put that data to good use. PI enables you to do just that with business applications, management workshops, and expert consulting.

Understand the whole person.

A resume, a GPA, that quick reference call? They’re nice to have, but they don’t help you understand how a person is wired to think and work. Without people data insights you’re hiring on gut feel—and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Our scientifically-validated workforce assessments help you see the whole person so you can ensure job fit and make confident hiring decisions.

And after you’ve hired top-notch talent, continue using your people data insights to manage, develop, and retain those individuals over time. 

Think you know what makes a person tick?

Check out our CEO, Mike Zani, in the “Head, heart, briefcase” webinar.

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Our workforce assessments give you the people data you need.


PI Behavioral Assessment™

Discover a person’s behavioral pattern based on four key factors.

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PI Cognitive Assessment™

Discover how quickly a person can learn and adapt to shifting needs.

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Determine your hiring needs.

Whether you’re hiring now or mapping out future roles, it’s important to determine—in advance—what behaviors and cognitive ability a person would need to succeed. The PI Job Assessment™ allows you to pinpoint those desired traits so you can then match candidates to that target.

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