The Predictive Index Announces the Winners of the 2019 Talent Optimization Leadership Awards

AstraZeneca, First Bank, and Hunter Douglas among the 11 organizations increasing retention and driving revenue through talent optimization

BOSTON, December 17, 2019 The Predictive Index® (PI), the talent optimization leader, today announced the winners of the first annual Talent Optimization Leadership Awards. With more than 250 submissions from around the world and across industries, the 2019 Talent Optimization Leadership Awards recognize 11 organizations that use PI to drive bottom-line impact by aligning their talent strategy with their business strategy. The winners were announced during a special awards ceremony at OPTIMA 2019; more than 800 business leaders and HR strategists attended the conference in its inaugural year. 

“Our mission is to make the world better by improving the working lives of people,” said Daniel Muzquiz, President of The Predictive Index, “and our 11 winners are proof that using talent optimization transforms lives and businesses.”

The winners of this year’s Talent Optimization Leadership Awards use PI to intentionally design winning teams and culture, hire more purposefully, and inspire their people to peak engagement and productivity. The 2019 winners are: 

AstraZeneca, First Bank, Hunter Douglas, Daniels Health, Hanes Companies, Brightview Senior Living, Door Controls, The Granite Group, Envision Bank, SproutLoud Media Networks, and Tricon American Homes.

Muzquiz continued, “Collectively, our award recipients leveraged talent optimization to achieve an average retention rate of 88%, develop sound talent strategies to increase revenue, foster better internal communication, compete in the war for talent by scaling internal promotions, and markedly improve customer experience scores.” 


Envision Bank Back in the Black with PI 

“Envision Bank has significantly evolved over the last three years, merging two entities and taking our company public,” said James P. McDonough, President & CEO at Envision Bank. “The Predictive Index has been a key component in our transition, helping us break down silos, enhance cooperation, improve business results, and increase job engagement.” Envision Bank returned to profitability and saw an increase in deposits as well as growth in their residential lending department by optimizing talent with The Predictive Index. 


Daniels Health Increases Overall Employee Engagement with PI

“We started out simply needing a better system to recruit, but something beautiful happened along the way,” said Jude Duff, Chief People Officer at Daniels Health North America. “We realized that we could do more than just recruit, we could optimize our existing talent and use a ‘recruitment assessment’ for far greater impact–we could engage and inspire, we could build relationships, and recognize both strengths and weaknesses. We could build teams capable of fulfilling our vision for the future.”


SproutLoud Media Reduces Turnover by 10%, Doubles Employee Experience Score with PI

“Talent optimization isn’t just about selecting the right employees, it’s also about helping each employee understand how critical they are to the success of the company,” said Bill Cronic, VP of People & Organizational Development at SproutLoud Media Networks. “We utilize The Predictive Index to help us identify the strengths of our people. We believe that if we can get employees into jobs they’re driven to do, they will have greater productivity and a higher level of success. Then, we all win.” 


Learn more about the winners here: https://www.predictiveindex.com/talent-optimization-leadership-awards/.


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The Predictive Index® (PI) is an award-winning talent optimization platform that aligns business strategy with people strategy for optimal business results. Sixty years of proven science, software, and a robust curriculum of insightful management workshops make PI the solution for any company looking to design great teams and culture, make objective hiring decisions, foster engagement, and inspire greatness in their people anywhere in the world. More than 8,000 clients and 150+ partners use PI—including Nissan, Citizens Bank, DocuSign, Subway, 47 Brand, FAM Brands, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Omni Hotels—across 140+ countries. Learn more at https://www.predictiveindex.com/



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