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Leaders drive companies. They create and deliver on a vision and prepare for the future by developing tomorrow's leaders.

Only 40% of business leaders say their current high-potentials, (Hi-Po) can meet their future business needs. Just 21% are satisfied with the bench strength of their future leaders.

Study by the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flager Business School.

What is Driving the Shortage of High-Potential Future Leaders?

  • Keeping up with the recent economic growth has created an increased need for seasoned leaders, as much as 84%. (IBID)
  • The retiring baby boomer generation has left many strategic leadership jobs unfilled.
  • Many leaders aren’t accountable and don’t know how to empower their employees and develop the next generation of leaders.
  • On average it takes 20 months to develop mid-level managers and 38 months for senior leaders. Gallup

Wouldn't it be great if you could identify those who possess a natural ability to perform or lead but who may not be wearing it on their sleeve? As your business evolves, the raw talent and natural ability necessary to perform and lead in your workplace will too. Download our HiPo Drive eBook to learn how to unearth hidden potential in your organization.

What behavioral characters make a Hi-Po Leader or Top Performer?


The Predictive Index helps you quantify the gaps and predict leadership performance. Give Hi-Po's the ability to be self-aware of their own abilities and self-correct so you can build a stronger leadership bench around the unique characteristics necessary for your organization to thrive.

Wouldn’t it be great if your workforce just clicked?

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