Why employees quit—and how to retain them

Using talent optimization to retain top talent

Between burned-out managers, poor communication, and the challenges of hybrid work, The Great Resignation won’t be solved overnight. All the more reason, then, to get started here and now.

Talent optimization provides a powerful framework to help you take action on attrition. Whether you’re dealing with an engagement issue, a critical team, or something else entirely, talent optimization gives you a pathway to course correct and move forward with confidence.

Try for yourself: Learn more about the four aptitudes of talent optimization. Hover over an aptitude below, and see how it can help you curb attrition within your organization.

Say your organization is experiencing heavy turnover, with potential for even greater churn in the coming months. How can talent optimization help you calm these waves—so you can avoid the storm?

First, you’ll want to see where everyone stands. Using the Design aptitude, you’ll assess the state of critical teams, and get aligned on direction. Who do you have aboard the ship? Where do their collective strengths lie, and where are there gaps? By understanding critical team issues, you can take steps to plug any leaks in the hull—and build a cohesive crew.

Filling these gaps may require additional hands you don’t have on deck. Using the Hire aptitude, you’ll take your talent acquisition process to the next level. Leverage data—such as behavioral makeup and cognitive ability—to narrow your talent pool and probe for strong job fit. Or, you can coach up talent within your organization and promote from within.

Even with great talent on board, you must properly manage and motivate your people. Using the Inspire aptitude, you’ll get in sync with your team culture. How do people like to communicate? How do they prefer to be managed? By understanding these dynamics, you can lead with empathy, and develop genuine harmony and trust between team members.

Fighting attrition is a continual battle—one that requires constant awareness. Using the Diagnose aptitude, you’ll take a pulse on employee engagement. Learn to measure sentiment at the team and organizational level. Identify critical issues, from stress to burnout, and take action to improve the employee experience.

Before you take the quiz in the following section, take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned. Think about how the four aptitudes of talent optimization might apply to your own experiences with The Great Resignation. Once you’re ready, click “Next” and put your knowledge to the test.

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