What is The Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index was founded more than six decades ago, and in all that time, our mission has not changed. Our passion, inherited from our founder, is to understand people and teams—specifically what drives behaviors at work. Check out the video below to see who we are and what The Predictive Index offers.

Who is The Predictive Index?

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What is talent optimization?

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline that details what’s required for aligning your business strategy and your talent strategy so you can achieve your desired business results. At the core of talent optimization is the collection, analysis, and application of people data.

talent optimization framework

There are four aptitudes you must master to ace talent optimization:

  • Diagnose: You’ll measure your people data, analyze that data, and prescribe remedies as needed.
  • Design: You’ll create and evolve your people strategy.
  • Hire: You’ll use people data insights to hire top talent and build high-performing teams.
  • Inspire: You’ll use people data to drive important employee-oriented activities.

What does PI offer?

The Predictive Index offers software designed around all four of the previously mentioned parts of talent optimization. Some of our key tools that we provide are listed below:


PI has a number of assessments that help drive the science and data of all tools in the platform:

  1. Behavioral Assessment – The PI Behavioral Assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that is far more than a personality test and help power many of the tools provided in the PI suite.
  2. Cognitive Assessment – The timed PI Cognitive Assessment is a cognitive ability test for employment. This assessment measures a person’s general mental ability and capacity for critical thinking.


Pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process by using PI’s Hire aptitude.

  1. Job Target – Job descriptions may tell us a lot about tasks and skills, but they tell us little about the kind of person who will succeed best in that job. Use the Job Assessment to objectively assess all the roles in your organization—even the filled ones.
  2. Interview Guide – Generate objective interview questions automatically for each candidate to pinpoint job fit and caution areas.


Bring back the excitement. Inspire your team to crush their goals by using PI’s Design aptitude.

  1. Team Discovery – Assess a team’s strategic goals and its collective behavioral identity (or “Team Type”) side-by-side — so you can visualize where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch.

    With PI Team Discovery™, your teams work efficiently, and you can stay focused on strategy.


Build and inspire high-performing employees and teams using PI’s Inspire aptitude.

  1. Coaching Guide – Get customized coaching for each team member with one click based on their individual working style.
  2. Relationship Guide – Discover how any two people work together and get instant recommendations.


Isolate the cause of low employee engagement—and take action to fix it by using PI’s Diagnose aptitude.

  1. Employee Experience Survey – Uncover why your employees are disengaged, what you’re doing well, and how you can take action to fix or maintain engagement.

Where can I learn more?

The Predictive Index has a variety of offerings that will help you each of step of the way on your journey for business results. Some of the main resources are listed below:

PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultants

Our software is powerful, but sometimes leaders need help rolling it out within their organization. That’s why we’ve amassed a vast network of expert consultants. These management consultants specialize in solving your biggest business challenges through talent optimization. They’ll teach you how to utilize the deep people data insights PI provides so you can shift your company into a higher gear.


At The Predictive Index, we offer a blend of professional services that explore the behaviors that drive your people – your candidates, employees, and leaders. We offer both in person and virtual workshops to meet your needs.

PI Learn

PI Learn provides online training for managers and HR professionals who want to make better hires, increase employee engagement, and get the most out of their people. We offer a variety of ebooks, webinars, videos, courses, and toolkits to help you get the job done.

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