Behavioral Assessment Invitation Links

Behavioral Assessment Invitation Links are a great way to collect behavioral data for candidates and employees. Many customers will embed these links in job postings, ATS systems, or use them at job fairs. This article includes details about the different types of links and their features.

For information about how to administer behavioral assessments using invitation links refer to this article.

We have given you ultimate flexibility to create and modify invitation links through the Assessment Center. Here you can manage, edit, and customize links for different applications. The following features are available.

Link Name/URL: You will be able to customize your URL from the link name that you choose. You can label the link by job title, department, etc. and then that name will carry over to the URL so you can easily spot them. The link name and URL must be unique to your company.

Link Description: The link description helps you manage your links and understand what the link was created for.

Capture Survey Taker Data: Survey takers  will be associated with a particular type (mandatory) (Candidate, Employee, Other) and a particular job (optional but highly recommended for candidates).

Link Owner: Each link will have a link owner. This does not need to be the person that created the link, but should be the person who is administering the assessment from the link. This person’s name and email will be listed as the contact person in communications with the Assessment Take

Notifications: Notifications are sent to various people after the survey taker has completed the Behavioral Assessment. You have options to configure these notifications.

  • Assessment Taker: Is always notified upon completion of their Behavioral Assessment. You have the option to include their BA report with this notification.
  • Link Owner:  You may enable or disable the notifications to the link owner. If enabled, they will receive a completion notification email that includes direct download or software links for the results.  
  • Stakeholder Notifications: You can turn on notifications for up to 5 stakeholders who do not need to be software users. You may choose the option to include the BA Report results. This notification is separate from the Link Owner notification.
  • Attaching the BA Report: When attaching the BA report to Assessment Taker or Stakeholder, you do not have the option to add the management, influencing or selling style sections.

Autosend Cognitive: When turned on, the survey taker will receive an email invitation to complete the Cognitive Assessment after completion of the Behavioral Assessment.

Default Assessment Language: The default assessment language will determine the language selected on the first page of the Assessment site.  The survey taker can still choose a different language to complete the BA in.

Kiosk Mode: Allows multiple people to take the Behavioral Assessment consecutively. Typically used for a conference kiosk or job fair.

Redirect URL: Users will be able to redirect a survey taker to a particular website upon completion of the behavioral assessment. Example: User may choose to send the survey taker back to their careers site.

Last Modified Date: You’ll be able to see when this link was last modified.

Last Modified By: You can also see who was the last person to modify the link.

Job links are designed to be quick and easy to share with candidates. For every job you create, you have a unique link available on the job page. This link automatically: 

  • Sets Type = candidate
  • Associates with the job
  • Stored in the same folder location as the job

When using a job link, candidates will be notified that they have completed an assessment in compliance with GDPR. They will not receive their results. No other notifications are sent. In case of questions, the candidate will be directed to contact the primary (first created) account owner.

Note that job links are not configurable. They are only available on the job page and are not listed in the link management table in the Assessment Center. 

Employee links are designed to be a quick and easy way to get started with The Predictive Index. You can access the employee link with the “copy link” button on the Dashboard. Share this with your organization. This link automatically: 

  • Sets Type = employee
  • Store results in the company’s root folder

When using the employee link, employees will be notified of completion with their reference profile results and their person snapshot attached. No other notifications are sent. In case of questions, the employee will be directed to contact the primary (first created) account owner.

Note that the employee link is not configurable. It is only available on the dashboard and in the onboarding path. This link is not listed in the link management table in the Assessment Center. 

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