From Great Resignation to Great Retention


Julia Markish

Director of Advisory Services | Lattice

Will Otto

Director of Talent Optimization | The Predictive Index

Mike Saia

Manager of Customer Success | The Predictive Index

No organization is immune to burnout or turnover. So, while you may be weary of hearing about the so-called Great Resignation, you can’t ignore this reality: As the job market finds its footing, some of your employees are exploring other opportunities. Why is that? Are there internal factors at play?

In this webinar, leaders from both The Predictive Index and Lattice will dive into findings from the 2021 People Management Report, and discuss the trickle-down effects of burnout and manager confidence (or lack thereof). We’ll cover what might be contributing to your company’s stream of resignations, what good managers do to combat the trend, and how you can start flipping it on its head as part of your own Great Retention strategy.

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