100 words and phrases to use in your job ads

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At a visceral level, certain words resonate with different kinds of people.

“Process-oriented” might sound like sweet, sweet music to one candidate but sound like a prison sentence to someone else. Why? Because humans are behaviorally wired to think and act differently.

With that in mind, the first step in creating a job ad that will attract candidates who are a great fit for the role is to ask yourself: What kind of behavioral drives should this person have? What will get them excited and keep them engaged day in and day out? These are critical questions to answer to ensure job fit.

Once you’ve got a handle on the behavioral profile you need for the role, you’ll be able to choose your words strategically to attract the type of person you need.

On the following pages, you’ll find words and phrases that will attract different kinds of people.

Attracting highly assertive people

Words and phrases to use:

• Initiating
• Drives success
• Personal drive
• Executes
• Leading and managing others
• Difficult conversations
• Developing strategy or plans
• Closing deals
• Meet sales goals
• Results and goals
• Acts with urgency
• Results drive
• Personal drive
• Presence
• Enjoys challenges
• Goal and results achievement
• Making impact
• Works independently
• Launching
• Bringing about change
• Implements
• Handles objections

Attracting highly social people

Words and phrases to use:

• Motivates and empowers people & teams
• Providing feedback or recommendations
• Participate in activities
• Partners
• Building & maintaining relationships
• Engage others
• Networking
• Finding and growing relationships
• Interpersonal & communication skills
• Face-to-face meetings
• Work hard/play hard
• Persuading
• Establishing connections
• Public presentations
• Sales buy-in
• Customer communications
• Greeting customers
• Enthusiastic
• Influencing
• Positive

Attracting consistent people

Words and phrases to use:

• Supporting
• Gain alignment & consensus
• Listening
• Careful
• Responding to others
• Resilient
• Caring
• Helping
• Methodical
• Deliberate
• Stable

Attracting highly structured people

Words and phrases to use:

• Project management
• Accountability
• Approval
• Reports
• Professionalism
• Reviewing
• Reporting
• Researching
• Organizing
• Monitors
• Scheduling and appointments
• Planning, organizing, and prioritizing
• Timely delivery
• Follow-up
• Attendance and punctuality
• Meeting timelines and deadlines
• Work integrity
• Accuracy
• Follow policies, procedures, rules
• Confidentiality
• Scheduling

Attracting highly objective people

Words and phrases to use:

• Makes decisions
• Sound judgment
• Analyze
• Synthesize
• Ensure
• Prioritize
• Measure

Attracting assertive and detail-oriented people

Words and phrases to use:

• Directs and controls resources
• Leadership
• Oversees
• Manage projects
• Ensure success
• Manages or leads activities, process, or meetings
• Performance management
• Establish policies, procedures, and rules
• Improving process and strategy

Attracting customer-oriented people

Words and phrases to use:

• Collaboration and teamwork with others
• Building trust
• Customer connections
• Friendly
• Open communication
• Relaxed
• Helpful

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