Perspectives: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

How winning hearts and minds is key to unlocking the workforce

You’ve read The Predictive Index’s new report all about why middle managers are not ok. 

(You haven’t? Go read it! Then come back here. We’re diving deep…)

Turns out there’s more to the story. In their understandable pursuit of hard-and-fast business results, people-centric skills are too often overlooked. So-called “soft” skills—think communication, creativity, and having a growth mindset—are no longer optional. In fact, they hold the key to helping others realize their full potential.

In this episode, we’ll be taking a closer look at where people leaders need to do more to support their middle managers and ultimately the success of their business. Based on what we learned from surveying 340+ managers and people leaders, we know that soft skills offer a solution to the problems middle managers are facing (and creating!). 

Join us to: 

  • Discover five critical skills people leaders often lack
  • Learn how your middle managers can boost performance and employee engagement
  • Identify your organization’s most pressing improvement areas


Keisha A. Rivers, M.Ed.
Chief Change Office, The KARS Group LTD
Jacob Espinoza
Host of Leader’s Lens podcast and Creator at WorkWeek
Will Otto
VP of Talent Optimization,
The Predictive Index
Matt Poepsel, PhD
VP of Professional Services,
The Predictive Index

Hema Crockett, she/her

Co-Founder, Gig Talent

Jackie Dube, she/her

SVP of People Operations

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