Perspectives: “Are You Even Listening?”

The Critical Role of Employee Voice in Organizational Performance

Well, are you?

A blog shared by Gallup says, “one of the fastest ways to destroy workplace morale is to ask employees their opinions about it, then ignore their answers.” Read that again.

Far too many organizations ask their employees for feedback, giving the organization a glimmer of hope that there will be change, and the days, weeks, and months go by… with no change.

Management is likely not actively dismissing the employees’ voices, they simply don’t know what to do with it.

In this session, you will hear from a diverse group of experts and:

  • Learn the #1 mistake leadership teams make when it comes to employee feedback
  • Identify new techniques to understand the employee experience (hint: surveys aren’t enough!)
  • Discover why failing to meet employee expectations is BAD for business

Bonus for our live attendees… tune in live for 1 SHRM PDC!


Donovan Mitchell
Sr. Director DEI and Player Relations,
New York Mets
Charkie Quarcoo
Program Manager, Change@Work,
The Predictive Index
Michelle Kozin
Founder and President,
Predictive Advisors
Matt Poepsel, PhD
VP, Enterprise Solutions,
The Predictive Index

Hema Crockett, she/her

Co-Founder, Gig Talent

Jackie Dube, she/her

SVP of People Operations

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