How to conduct an end of year review

Download a year-end review crafted specifically for consultants.

How to conduct an end of year review

It’s the end of the year and your clients are planning for the year ahead. They’re reviewing budgets and determining which vendors they’ll continue using and which they’ll discontinue. Will your consulting services make the cut?

With a thoughtful and well-executed year-end review, chances are, they will.

What is a year-end review?

A year-end review is a look back to the prior year to measure achievements against goals, celebrate successes, and document the progress made.

Keep in mind that a year-end review is a strategic event—not a tactical one. This isn’t the time to discuss the details of a particular issue, but rather to reflect on the work that’s been completed and the results your clients have achieved.

Annual reviews help rate the perceptions of your consultancy’s performance over the past year against your client’s expectations for key metrics.

What to include in your year-end review

This is your opportunity to showcase how your consultancy has benefited your client’s organization. Use the following prompts to facilitate a group brainstorm to gain alignment and gather the information you need to craft a year-end review.

  • What was the project or initiative you worked on for your client?
  • What were the goals you set at the beginning of your relationship with your client?
  • What were the KPIs for each of those goals?
  • What specific results did your clients achieve from the work your firm did?
  • What were key successes from the engagement?
  • Are there any opportunities to partner on in the future?
  • What new products or services can you offer your client based on the project you’re finishing?

How to craft your year-end review

Gather the results from your brainstorming session, and compile them in a slide deck using the structure suggested below.

Year-end review suggested deck outline

  1. Start with the project/initiative description.
  2. Outline the goals that were agreed upon with the client.
  3. Include the KPIs for the outlined goals.
  4. List the specific results from the work your firm did with your client.
  5. Outline key successes, as well as opportunities from your engagement.
  6. Suggest new products or services based on the last project completed.

Throw your brand design on the slides, and get ready to present to your client!

end of year review template

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