5 steps to stop turnover in its tracks

Putting employee health first

Gone are the days when employees would fall ill, only to stick it out at work to avoid taking a sick day. COVID-19 has had countless effects on the way we work, but one major change is how people weigh the importance of their health. No longer will people work at an organization where health plays second fiddle to productivity.

If your organization recognizes the importance of health and well-being, you’re already one step closer to retaining your people. According to The 2022 State of Talent Optimization Report, executives cite benefits (such as health care) as the No. 1 driver of employee retention.

Health benefits are typically associated with health insurance and access to medicine. But, there are many other benefits you can consider to stand out from the pack. Mental health and child care assistance are just two examples of resources that can make your employees’ lives a little easier, and make them grateful to be a part of your company.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re showing genuine care for your employees. Meet their needs with compassion and intent, rather than just ticking the boxes on a list of benefits.

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