Leading a Hybrid Workplace

Introduction to hybrid work

As employees are returning to the workplace, we’re now faced with a challenge: how to cater to those in the office and to those who work remotely. Hybrid isn’t just a passing phase—it’s the future of work. Our 2021 People Management Report found that 68% of companies “have some hybrid teams” or “plan to have some hybrid teams” moving forward. To stay competitive, most organizations are at least considering it. Others are wondering “How can we get started?”

Check out the video to the right, where we talked to some of the experts on hybrid work to see how they’re preparing for these changes to the workforce. To successfully lead hybrid teams, self-awareness and awareness of others is more vital than ever.

How to manage a hybrid workforce

The interactive below shows the first four steps to be aware of throughout this course.

Different team members have different behavioral work styles so it’s important to always refer back to those four steps. But before we dive into how to work with each work style, we’ll first define some general guidelines that every hybrid team should follow.

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