Being and Belonging at Work: Why it matters.

Introduction [Putting Work on Trial]

The word “work” can represent many things, depending on who you ask. But as we manage remote roles, a pandemic, and economic challenges, people are starting to challenge the idea that work should just be about surviving.

A recent survey out of 94 participants. We asked simply why they work. There are clearly many different reasons.

We traveled across the states to talk to experts on workplace topics as well as a range of individuals who  asked more from their work, in our recent documentary: Work on Trial.

Work on Trial | A Film by The Predictive Index

Six major themes emerged, each affirming that people need to feel fulfilled and happy with their professional lot. Each of these themes can be grouped by either a need for Being, or need for Belonging, as shown below:

Freedom – I have control over my schedule, my projects, and/or my financial situation.Equity – There’s opportunity & voice for someone like me at my company.
Growth – I’m self-actualizing in the ways I’d like both in my career and in my life.Community – I’m surrounded by loving others who listen to and care about me.
Purpose – I’m in line with my super powers and I’m making the world better.Safety – I feel free to be myself and my health and stature are protected.

If you’re looking to help your employees feel more fulfilled at work, or just want to see tips that others have offered for those looking for a sense of being and belonging, this is the course for you.

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