5 steps to stop turnover in its tracks

Creating roles where people thrive

Have you ever worked in a job and thought, “Wow, this just isn’t for me!” We’ve all been there. When a job doesn’t play to our strengths, we tend to count down the minutes to the end of each work day. We start to disengage from our work, and actively search for that next job. 

Now, think about the people in your organization. How many might feel that same way? Can you say with confidence that your people are in roles they enjoy? If the answer is no, this might be why your retention numbers aren’t where you want them to be. 

Having the right people in the right roles is pivotal to organizational success. When talent is in a position to execute on your business strategy, it means you’re leveraging your people’s natural strengths—and optimizing their potential. Your people and business succeed together.

Ensuring this alignment between people and their work isn’t always simple. But when you get it right, you’ll see your retention soar. In The 2022 State of Talent Optimization report, companies that have the right people in the right roles reported 42% lower turnover than their peers.

How do you begin to tackle such a complex issue? Start by reassessing your hiring pipeline, along with your process for promoting internal talent. What metrics do you use to assess job candidates against an open role? Are you setting accurate job requirements for each position? Identifying clear roles and responsibilities makes it easier for both yourself and the candidate to see if they’re the right fit from the outset. No one benefits from a misaligned hire; it’s critical to get this process right.

This isn’t just about retention. Lower turnover is great, but putting people in places where they excel will pay dividends for your company long after The Great Resignation ends.

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