Want an alternative to Criteria Corp? Go with The Predictive Index.

The Predictive Index is a talent optimization platform that helps you hire, motivate, and keep great employees. Developed by I/O psychologists, our software uses behavioral data to help you put the right people in the right roles, so you can reduce uncertainty and get work done. 10,000+ clients use PI to hire smarter, lead better, and retain for longer.

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Criteria Corp vs The Predictive Index

Criteria Corp is an assessment platform that helps companies screen for top talent. The company offers various tools—including personality, cognitive, and skills-based tests—that are backed by “rigorously validated” science. But these assessments start and end with recruitment. They do little to guarantee you retain the people you hire. 

The Predictive Index takes 65+ years of behavioral science and applies it not just to hiring, but to the entire employee lifecycle. Use PI to screen candidates for behavioral fit, then onboard them onto teams that leverage their natural abilities. Apply our science everywhere from 1:1 meetings to 360 reviews, and support new hires and tenured employees alike.

How do Criteria Corp & The Predictive Index compare?

Behavioral and cognitive assessments
Scientifically validated
Post-hire support
Team-based analytics
Engagement surveys
Consulting surveys
65+ years of behavioral data

Why choose The Predictive Index?

The Predictive Index is so much more than a hiring tool. Though we’re recognized by G2 as the leading talent assessment software platform, our work doesn’t stop there.

With PI, you don’t just get the insights to hire great people—you also get the tools to retain them. Our software applies to the entire employee lifecycle. Use data to understand what motivates your candidates, so you can hire great fits and effectively lead them. Run productive meetings, solicit team feedback, improve 1:1 relationships, and more, all within one platform.

You don’t need to be a data expert to use our platform. Each PI subscription comes with world-class consulting services to help you leverage our science and achieve results.

PI helps you predict workplace success.

How, exactly? The secret lies in our science. For 65 years, industrial and organizational psychologists have honed the PI Behavioral Assessment to be short, intuitive, and—above all else—accurate. It’s the reason why our clients trust us. To date, 37.5 million assessments have been sent worldwide.

Here is what our clients are saying about us

Jim Koch | Founder & Chairman of Boston Beer Company

We’ve been using it for 30 years. We don’t hire anybody without looking at their PI [Behavioral Assessment results].

Tracie Sponenberg | Chief People Officer, The Granite Group

PI allows us to have insight into our team’s natural behavioral tendencies, so we can see what roles might be a good fit for them.