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Your Energy is What Drives Us

The energy and enthusiasm of your employees is your most precious commodity. Wasting this energy on miscommunication and misunderstanding makes it nearly impossible to recharge. Over time, individuals and organizations lose power, lose capacity, and can even stop working. It's all too common. It's also completely avoidable. Here at The Predictive Index, we've made it our life's work to charge the world's workforce.


We are The Predictive Index

We are a fast-paced, amped-up bunch, hell-bent on making it easy for leaders of all business to decode the human element of their organization.

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Our network of 90+ PI Partners is comprised of amazing workplace behavior experts who sell and service our clients worldwide.

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Our Clients

We have over 6,000 active business clients across 142 countries who are using The Predictive Index® to keep their workforce charged 24/7.

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