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The importance of behavioral assessments

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment® can predict a wide variety of personality characteristics that stem from personality factors like dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality.

Introduce Objectivity to Hiring

Personality-based, or behavioral, assessments help reduce the subjectivity involved when employers only use interview techniques. An accurate personality-based assessment can provide objective insights into key personality traits intrinsically related to workplace performance.

The insights help key talent functions avoid mistakes related to bias, politics, “gut decisions,” and chance. These types of errors can produce a litany of organizational issues that can devastate business results.

When you use assessments, everyone wins.

Behavioral patterns are unique. Your native drives, needs, and behaviors are like your superpowers. They help you excel in your career and contribute to the success of the organization that hired you.

If you knew there were certain elements of a particular job that would drive you crazy, or prevent you from performing, would you want that job?

Insights about personality characteristics of job candidates can help you understand potential job-fit; empowering you to prioritize candidates based on the best match. When used correctly, behavioral assessments lead to better hires and higher levels of performance, job satisfaction, and long-term retention.

The Ultimate Guide

Which Behavioral Assessment is Best for Your Organization?

The Predictive Index Behavioral AssessmentTM takes less than 6 minutes to complete. It is unique in terms of its ability to provide high-level insight and predictive validity while being brief.

You may come across these other assessment providers:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DiSC
  • Profiles International
  • Caliper
  • Assess Systems

Extremely large enterprise organizations with tens of thousands of employees may consider assessments from Hogan Assessments, the Corporate Executive Board’s SHL division, Infor or IBM/Kenexa.

Choosing a Personality or Behavioral Assessment

You should choose a personality assessment carefully; particularly when the results are used as part of the decision making process for key employment-related decisions, like who to hire, develop, or promote.

Unlike The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, not every alternative assessment is suitable for making talent decisions. There are other considerations for employers beyond a personality assessment's validity. These considerations include:

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