Effective management

When you understand what truly drives your people you can inspire them to greatness.

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Unleash the power of your people.

Your company might be full of talented individuals—but if you don’t assemble and manage them in the right way, they’ll never perform at the top of their game.

Our Inspire tool is your manager roadmap. It details how to manage employees based on their unique behavioral pattern. When you understand what truly drives your people you can inspire them to greatness.

How to manage employees with The Predictive Index

Leaders at all levels can use PI Inspire to manage down, up, and across. Individual contributors can use it as well to better understand themselves.


Use Inspire to:

  • Understand a person
  • Guide people to work better together
  • Increase manager self-awareness
  • Mentor a person’s development
  • Optimize team performance
  • Understand group dynamics
Manage effectively with PI.

Learn how to develop your dream team.

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Overcome the four forces of employee disengagement.

Negative forces are at work in your organization zapping your people’s energy and productivity. PI Inspire helps you identify and address these forces so you can meet your strategic business goals.

Job fit

Job fit

Job fit has a big impact on employee engagement and productivity. Do you have the right people in the right seats?

management impact on employees

Management fit

The relationship between an employee and his or her manager is critical to engagement. Are your managers inspirational?

Culture fit

When employees don’t feel aligned with your company culture they disconnect. Are your employees a culture fit?


Team fit

Teams that don’t gel will never take your company to the top. Are your teams designed strategically and set up for success?

Discover your manager style.

Learn your strengths and caution areas so you can manage better.

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Don’t let PI become your best kept secret.

Your company is made up of unique individuals. Each person brings something valuable to the table. Everyone has their own behavioral pattern—and every pattern is beautiful. Create a self-aware culture by encouraging all employees to take the PI Behavioral Assessment™, display their PI Placard with pride, and learn what drives them and the people around them.

When you assess a critical mass in your organization and start speaking in a shared language, magic happens. Conversations become easier, conflict can be avoided, and decisions can be made faster. Don’t hesitate to ask all your employees to take the assessment—you’re giving them the gift of self-awareness and a better workplace. And when you grant your managers access to PI Inspire, they’ll be empowered to make objective decisions based on people data.

We have had such quick adoption with PI and it’s become part of the language in our culture. We have people putting their patterns up. Word of mouth is spreading and I have people coming up to me and saying “Hey can I take that assessment?” We almost can’t keep up with the excitement.

Linda Cataldo SVP, Human Resources at Shorelight Education

We have the tools you need to manage effectively.

Relationship Guide

Effective management starts with administering the PI Behavioral Assessment to give every employee the gift of self-awareness. After completing the six-minute assessment, they can use the platform to understand their behavioral drives—and what drives those around them.

The PI Relationship Guide lets anyone in the organization discover the interplay between different behavioral drives. It’s easy to see how people’s strengths combine and where people might stumble when working together. A quick report can solve communication challenges and drive productive conversations.

Management Strategy Guide

Once you get in-tune with yourself, you can tailor your management style to align with your employees’ unique behavioral needs.

The Management Strategy Guide provides custom advice on how to accommodate the preferences of your direct reports—and encourages you to create a plan to remain accountable.

Manager Development Chart

We gathered insights from more than 5,100 people in our people management study. A full 99.99 percent believe it’s important for managers to be self-aware. When you understand your behaviors—and how you come across to others—you can adapt your management style.

Use the Manager Development Chart to discover your management strengths and caution areas—along with tips to improve.

Team Work Styles

A team is only as good as its weakest link. Do you have the people you need to reach your strategic goals? Team Work Styles allows you to understand how your team works together, discover emerging patterns, identify behavioral gaps, and improve relationships.

PI Management Workshops

Let us guide you in turning your people data insights into action.

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