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The Predictive Index Technical Subprocessors

current as of March 12, 2018

Third-party technical subprocessors currently used by The Predictive Index to process client data and assist with providing the Products and Services (as defined in the Predictive Index Client Agreement) to clients:

Third Party Service/ Vendor Purpose Location of Subprocessor Website
Auth0 Identity Management USA https://auth0.com/
Domo Product Analytics USA https://www.domo.com/
AWS Amazon Data Hosting USA, Ireland https://aws.amazon.com/
Microsoft Azure Data Hosting USA https://azure.microsoft.com
Mixpanel Product Analytics USA https://mixpanel.com/
NewRelic Product Analytics USA https://newrelic.com/
Pendo Product Analytics USA https://www.pendo.io/
SalesForce CRM Platform USA https://www.salesforce.com/
SendGrid Email USA https://sendgrid.com/

In addition, The Predictive Index uses various local and international providers of telecommunications and networking services in the provision of its services.

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