PI Perform

Give managers the tools they need to lead their teams and drive performance every day

Develop managers, drive engagement, and build accountability at your organization with PI Perform — the all-in-one platform for managing meetings, feedback, goals, and employee recognition, supercharged with behavioral insights.

The only performance management solution with PI behavioral data built in.

Give managers a best-practice leadership system with PI Perform, which fits seamlessly into their day-to-day, combining relationship building and meeting management with goals, feedback, and recognition, to drive performance every day.

Being a manager has never been harder. Most are juggling too many people, tools, and projects, and have too little time and training to properly prioritize personal development. 

PI Perform guides managers on how to coach their direct reports. It offers a 10,000-foot view of their work, as well as day-to-day insights that nudge managers to give better feedback, check in consistently, and make reports feel supported.


Managers won’t have to guess how their report prefers to be managed, or how to effectively communicate with them. They can see each individual’s behavioral data in their 1:1 workspaces, with guidance on how to interact with them.

Equipped with actionable insights, managers can foster better, more effective relationships. Meetings will become more meaningful, and reports will get more of the coaching and development support they want.


Feedback is a gift, but that doesn’t mean giving it is easy. PI Perform removes the friction that prevents managers from effectively and consistently coaching their teams.

With AI and templates to help conquer the blank page, and behavioral insights on how individuals like to be coached, managers can provide feedback and recognition more easily than ever. The platform will guide even the newest managers in developing their coaching skills with regular reminders to provide feedback and check in with reports.


Too often, modern managers are spread so thin, their direct reports become an afterthought.

PI Perform connects goals directly to 1:1 workspaces via recurring meeting agendas, so neither manager nor direct report loses sight of long-term development. With recurring check-ins, managers provide consistent guidance, development, and support.

Maximize productivity and minimize time spent navigating tools

Keep your people engaged with PI Perform.

Engagement is the foundation for continual growth. Managers and teams that are engaged perform better and reduce turnover, inefficiency, and knowledge loss.

With PI Perform, recognizing teammates, providing constructive feedback, and collaborating is an easier, more efficient process for everyone. Integrations help bring these moments of delight and collaborative opportunities into the tools you already use every day, like Slack or MS Teams.


Use PI’s behavioral insights to understand individual drives and needs, and recognize them in unique and impactful ways.

continuous feedback

Give, receive, and request feedback in minutes, with AI available to help you find just the right words.


Bring teams together with collaborative workspaces, meeting agendas, and automated meeting summaries.

Stay mission-focused and create accountability with PI Perform.

Empower employees at all levels to own their work and support one another through a culture of accountability.

With PI Perform, individuals can see how their goals and OKRs fit into the big picture, and walk out of meetings with key takeaways and action items. Managers and Admins can get a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening to spot gaps and identify trends in the people management space.


Keep teammates accountable and projects on track with automated, recurring meeting discussion topics.


Make meetings add up to more with PI Perform’s guided in-meeting experience.


Keep tabs on how your teams are doing with analytics on meetings, engagement, coaching, and more.

The behavioral science behind PI

The PI Science team regularly monitors, improves, and builds the defensibility of the PI assessments. By supporting the development of new products and features rooted in scientific best practices, we ensure the entire suite of talent optimization software is validated for workplace use.

The PI Behavioral Assessment

By understanding how employee behaviors manifest day to day, you can take steps to improve your team as a whole.

Learn about the assessment

How to use

PI assessments focus on behaviors that matter most for on-the-job performance.

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years of science


assessments administered


validity studies completed

Power up your talent optimization strategy when you pair PI Perform with another PI solution.

The rest of The Predictive Index talent optimization platform can be customized to complement Perform and fit your needs, throughout the employee lifecycle.


PI Perform

PI Hire

PI Inspire

PI Design

PI Diagnose

  • Identify and win the best candidates with validated hiring assessments.
  • Get custom interview questions that probe behavioral gaps.
  • Onboard your new hires to perform at their best.
  • Understand your own strengths, weaknesses, and caution areas.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of interpersonal relationships.
  • Break down communication barriers.
  • Dive deeper into team dynamics.
  • Understand any group’s collective strengths, weaknesses, and caution areas.
  • Act on feedback on team meetings, projects and more.
  • Send science-backed surveys to improve engagement.
  • Track engagement in real-time.
  • Connect individual performance to org-wide engagement.

Stop wasting time and resources on hiring mistakes, underperforming managers, and unwanted turnover.