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PI has given me a quantifiable apples-to-apples comparison that I can use to compare performance and quantify the effectiveness of our training and prove the return on the money spent on training people. With PI we can prove out the value.

Joan Jones Nissan Motor Company

We want people to be their best at all times. Specifically, in a creative role, we need to understand a person’s behaviors so we can create an environment in which they flourish. PI helps us to do that.

Ted May Motionstrand

One of the biggest advantages of PI is that in a tight labor market it's pretty tough to get people to walk through the door and apply. With PI, we're finding folks that are not currently in the industry and can put them into a new role and make them very successful.

John Cunningham Aronimink Golf Club

Working with PI changed my professional life and my outlook on staffing.

Chaz Amidon Praxis Packaging

Woman smiling and presenting
Man presenting on behavior

See how Quantum Health uses PI to create an amazing work environment.

The healthcare technology company has used PI to transform the way they see their people. Their employees have a lot to say about PI and it’s success around their organization, which has since won Best Places to Work.

Our clients love our in-depth workshops.

“These workshops provide a level of detail I could not possibly get from a phone call or a webinar.”

-John Bigay
Chief Marketing Officer, Izotope

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