The High Performance Series

Build united teams that support each other and succeed together, even when they’re apart. Led by a talent optimization expert, this two-part workshop series is crafted exclusively for PI Design subscribers.

Discovering Your Team Type

Work together better than ever.

A disengaged team lacks trust and self-awareness. A dream team knows exactly where it excels, and how each member uniquely contributes. It’s an environment filled with trust, candid communication, and a general feeling of “we got this.”

Discovering Your Team Type is the first of two workshops within The High Performance Series. Part science, part team building, part self-discovery, it highlights how your team communicates, makes decisions, and resolves conflict.

Ignite team chemistry by Discovering Your Team Type.

In this virtual workshop, your team will:

  • Discover your Team Type – a uniting moment that fosters team pride and identity
  • Establish a common language to communicate effectively as a group
  • Define what needs to happen to work in harmony, long after the session is over

Designing for Strategic Action

Successful execution starts here.

Consider this scenario: An overworked team, stretched to its limit, is assigned to mission-critical projects during a time of great global and personal stress. On top of all that, the team’s natural strengths may not align with the work being assigned. That’s not a recipe for success.

Designing for Strategic Action, the second workshop of The High Performance Series, shows where your team and your goals are misaligned, so you can take deliberate action to stay on track.

You’ll establish short-term and long-term goals, and understand where each team member’s roles and responsibilities lie – so you’re all rowing in the same direction.

Accelerate team performance by Designing for Strategic Action.

In this virtual workshop, teams will:

  • Establish agreement on the team’s short-term and long-term goals
  • Gain clarity on each team member’s roles and responsibilities to meet those goals 
  • Expose misalignment between strategic goals and behavioral strengths
  • Learn the concept of ‘stretching’ a skillset and how that can improve performance

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