High Performance Series Resources

Your journey ahead

Understanding that change is necessary and identifying new team habits to start (and old habits to stop) is the first step of your dream team journey. Your next steps may be uncomfortable and challenging. You will need to engage in an ongoing cycle of act-reflect-adjust to determine what works, what doesn’t, and how to adapt your actions to drive change.

Team Dynamics Action Plan

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Team Objective Action Plan

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Supporting your people through change

Unleash the power of your people by understanding what truly drives them. It starts by assessing your employees and enabling them to have more self-awareness and awareness of peers leading to more productive working relationships.  It also provides managers with crucial information about how to manage, coach and mentor their team. Assessing your employees helps build a culture of awareness and thoughtfulness.

How to Send Assessments via Link
How to Send Assessments via Email

Manager Development Chart

The Manager Development Chart displays the highlights of a manager’s behavioral needs and drives. The chart also provides self coaching tips for the manager to be more productive while managing their direct reports and delegating projects to others. The Manager Development Chart can also be used for individuals looking to move into a management role in the future. 

Manager Development Chart Walkthrough

Relationship Guide

Based on their behavioral patterns and reference profiles, what are the strengths, cautions, and tips two people should understand about each other so they can work better together?

Relationship Guide

Management Strategy Guide

In order to enable employees to bring their best selves to work, they need support from their managers. The Management Strategy Guide is a tool that identifies what management strategies will enable individuals to thrive, based on their behavioral preferences for workplace interactions, how they take action, respond to risk and make decisions. It empowers managers to improve their management skills by flexing their own behaviors and style to align with the needs of their employees.

Management Strategy Guide Walkthrough