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People-Centered Strategy & Culture

Wright Touch is a consultancy focused on organizational change with a human-centered focus. I help businesses and teams operate more strategically and confidently while making sure they have the systems and processes in place to sustain long-term growth. With over a decade of marketing experience combined with my years leading teams and overseeing business operations as an EOS® Integrator, I know what it takes to achieve results and create a culture of accountability that respects the people doing the work.

Team Leaders

Jen VanEe

Jen VanEe


Jen has over 15 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and building effective teams. She has worked with companies in diverse industries and sizes ranging from a $1 million small business to a $55 billion global leader.
She is passionate about making things easier for people, and believes that people deserve to have more options of great places to work. She has a big mouth and is not afraid to speak up if she thinks something could be done more efficiently, or produce better results. She will never blow smoke, and when you work with her you can do so knowing she will always be her authentic self and an advocate for your organization. She considers herself an extension of your team and see's your success as the measure of hers.