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We are committed that people experience a higher degree of performance and fulfillment at work. On one side we help companies build effective and engaged teams. On the other side, we help professionals and executives successfully navigate their career through coaching.

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Josh Hickock

Josh Hickock


He'd likely use different words if you asked him, but a gentle way of saying it is Josh's career has been unorthodox. In July of 2000, he moved to New York City from San Diego immediately following his high school graduation and at 18 became the youngest person ever hired by Objective Solutions International, a Manhattan-based executive search firm. Less than two years later, he was recognized by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for providing a solution for businesses displaced due to the 9/11 attacks by creating a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity contracting division that made experts quickly available to the organizations that needed them.

Now with over 20 years of experience and after moving back to San Diego, Josh has created his third company, Work Empowered. His previous two companies were Jacob Capital Group, a successful executive search company, and Tidestreet, an innovative company that disrupted traditional recruiting by representing high-performing and in-demand professionals like an agent would in sports or entertainment. Work Empowered combines Tidestreet's talent management business, as well as leadership consulting and communications training, operating from the context of empowering both companies and individuals to transform their experience of work to one of fulfillment, performance, and fun.

Josh is a highly effective coach! He is a great listener and has many tools to have you really look at situations objectively. He helps to direct you to the right action to take and the steps needed to get there. He also provides support and motivation if you are hesitant to take action. It is very apparent that Josh really cares about his clients and making sure that people are empowered and fulfilled in their work.

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