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About Winner’s Rowe

When Winning Sales Is Everything, Turn To Winner's Rowe!

Winner’s Rowe is on a mission to help Business Owners & Sales Leaders exceed revenue expectations. We achieve this through a science-based approach using data and tools to design the right approach, hire and retain top talent and provide just in time sales coaching.

If you are a Hiring Manager seeking to:

Create an engaged workforce
Match the right candidates to the right roles
Reduce turnover and retain talent

Ask us how we do this?

If you are a Sales Leader aspiring to:
Aggressively target and grow new and existing customer segments
Close more complex sales including handling objections, managing multiple key players and driving the sale to closure
Reduce attrition and increase customer retention

Ask us how we do this?

Team Leaders

Sandra Rowe

Sandra Rowe

Founder and Chief Problem Solver

Sandra Rowe is the Founder and Chief Problem Solver of the woman-owned business Winner's Rowe, a Sales & Talent Optimization Consulting Practice. Sandra is passionate about helping Executives quickly recruit and retain candidates who are qualified, ethical and passionate about their work and committed to the customers they serve. With 22+ years of experience hiring and leading top performing sales and service teams for both for profit and nonprofit sectors Sandra brings her clients critical data and insights to attract, coach and inspire wildly successful work teams. The individuals on these teams often make it to “The Winner’s Row” earning awards and recognition for their outstanding sales and service achievements!