WeBuildTeams Inc.

Certified Partner

Building high performing teams and culture one business at a time

WeBuildTeams is a New York based company founded to help business leaders and organizations navigate the complexities of creating cohesive teams and winning cultures in thriving environments.

WeBuildTeams establishes the framework for talent optimization, operational excellence, leadership development, and recruitment. With over 20 years of experience in building high performing teams and guiding culture in various organizations, our team takes pride in helping transform good companies into great industry leaders.

We partner with CEOs, Business Owners, HROs and heads of Talent Acquisitions to create the foundation for winning teams that become revenue accelerators while building a healthy and profitable organization.

WeBuildTeams analyzes our clients needs by evaluating their environments, team members and operations. We then formulate and implement strategic recommendations to harness your culture to create elite performing teams who are aligned with your business strategy and vision.

Team Leaders

Roy Peter

Roy Peter

Founder / President

Roy Peter has over 20 years of experience guiding and leading successful systems integrations businesses thrive in challenging environments. Roy founded WeBuildTeams to help organizations navigate the complexities of talent optimization, operational excellence, leadership development and recruitment. Roy works closely with leaders at all levels to create winning teams excel in dynamic environments, leading to revenue acceleration and increased profitability. To create a culture of excellence, he analyzes existing business practices and designs proven strategies that lead to transformative and inclusive work environments. Roy’s specialties include building organizational structures from the ground up, leading transformational changes, business development, leadership coaching, designing successful work cultures, creating recurring revenue opportunities for businesses and recruiting elite performers from across the industry. When he isn’t helping businesses grow, Roy spends his time coaching youth soccer and adventuring with his family. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys traveling.