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About WeBuildTeams Inc.

Start with extraordinary people. Deliver exceptional solutions.

WeBuildTeams helps businesses create high-performing, sustainable, and inclusive teams that accelerate growth and profitability.

At WeBuildTeams, we work with companies of all kinds and sizes in engagements that include talent optimization and coaching for leaders and teams, strategic recruitment, and operational transformation. Our vision is to create successful work cultures in organizations through inclusion, alignment, and engagement.

Team Leaders

Roy Peter

Roy Peter

Founder & President

Founder Roy Peter has built a career transforming teams and organizations. In his previous work with a technology company, Roy created a high-performing culture of inclusivity and sustainability. Roy’s ability to recruit, train, and retain employees increased the company’s profitability and made it a market leader.

He has proven that building a sustainable company with talented people, attractive benefits and minimal turnover can be the best thing for the bottom line.

Roy believes that great things happen when you invest in the power of human transformation.

WeBuildTeams gives Roy a platform through which he can guide leaders and teams by offering science-based solutions for optimizing human potential. Its mission is to help business leaders build high-performing teams and create cohesive cultures in challenging environments, so that they and their employees thrive, both personally and professionally.