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About Vegas Consulting Group

We specialize in executive coaching, talent optimization, and leadership development. We partner with clients to develop people-centric solutions, maximize human potential, and achieve breakthrough results.

We play at the intersection of strategy, leadership, teams, talent, and culture. Using assessments and proven diagnostic tools, we develop customized and highly effective solutions. Our ultimate goal is to expand leadership capabilities, build high-performance teams, and capitalize on organizational strengths to maximize business outcomes.

Team Leaders

John D. Vegas

John D. Vegas

Principal and Founder

John is the principal and founder of Vegas Consulting Group, LLC. Prior to VCG, John was the Executive Vice President and Head of People, for Unifi, Inc. and G&K Services. Additionally, John has held numerous executive positions in human resources, organizational development, general management, sales, and operations for leading global companies, including: Ecolab, Inc., and Delhaize Group, Belgium. Throughout his career, he has coached, and advised numerous CEO's and business executives.

John is one of the best HR leaders I have worked with. He has extensive HR and Commercial experience, understands how to work with teams, and wins the trust of the entire organization. Many people inside the company, as well as partners outside the company, commented on John’s capabilities and professional style. John was a terrific coach, and a valuable advisor to executives across the C-Suite.

Kevin Hall - Former Chief Executive Officer
Unifi, Inc.

John has an affable manner that draws people to him and makes it easy for others to know him... He has humility and thirst for learning despite often being the smartest person in the room... John has the uncanny ability to read people and situations well, and to say the right things to motivate others or resolve issues.

Bob Stapleton - Executive Coach, Live Oak Leadership and HR Consulting. Former SVP of Human Resources, Delhaize Group.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked with a wide variety of people, but have never enjoyed partnering more with someone than I did with John. His experience gives him exceptional credibility for developing and executing strategies. He met with me and other members of the C-Suite to provide insightful coaching and ensure that he understood the team's needs always. He was a trusted confidant for me and valuable resource on a broad range of topics.

Jeffrey Ackerman - Advisor
F5 Sports