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About Twelve Rock Associates

TwelveRock helps you build an organization based on deeply held, time-tested values. We help you design and execute your talent strategy. We deliver these results through a unique talent platform, engaging training, and consulting with key leaders.

Our Experience: TwelveRock is built on 15+ years of value-based leadership development. We help organizations focus on the strategic initiatives that will bring the most value to our clients. We work with a wide array of clients from all over the world.

Why Us? When it comes to getting the most out of your teams, you need tools and an experienced perspective. We offer customized solutions to help you hire, develop, retain, and optimize your talent.

Team Leaders

Steve Lutz

Steve Lutz

Owner and Principal Consultant

Steve is a dynamic and entrepreneurial leader with experience in business and non-profit contexts. A consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, and author, he loves helping leaders infuse their deeply-held values into their organizations.