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Helping manufacturing business owners & CEOs optimize their talent, build DREAM TEAMS that execute strategy & create a culture of continuous growth with measurable results.

Are you an owner, leader, or manager of a business?

Do you want to help build a DREAM TEAM with leadership and teams that get the job done, execute strategy with precision and build a culture of continuous improvement?

Contrary to belief…managing growth or turning your business around isn’t easy. Both can be a life changing event. These scenarios can present challenges and it all starts with your PEOPLE STRATEGY!

I spent 14 years as owner and CEO of a precast concrete manufacturing company, from a startup, to growing revenues through a recession. I was able to create successful strategies to solve real problems in growth and decline stages, such as people & culture initiatives that revitalized production lines during a recession – cutting costs by $435,000 dollars annually, to developing plant leadership and teams that lead 28% growth year over year with turnover under 5%.

Do you worry about:

“Am I the right leader for my team?”
“Do I have the correct skilled leaders on my team?”
“Are leaders in the right positions?”
“Does my team have the right behaviors to execute strategy?”
“Lack of accountability within your teams?”
“I don’t know how to build a strategy to support growth & profitability?”
“Where do I begin to make changes?”
“Overtime, it’s draining my profitability.”
“I am losing customers because of quality and service issues, I don’t know how to fix”
“How do I attract and retain skilled employees?”

Team Leaders





“ Greg has made positive functional change at all levels of our plant operations. He realigned our organizational structure allowing for a higher level of accountability to our teams. Greg worked on team behavior to reduce our overtime by 75%. Greg sought out the weakness in my abilities, and worked one-on -one , coaching me to be more accountable and transformational in my leadership. Our productivity and profitability is growing. You can see and feel the change in culture in our plant."

Roland Berube - Leadership and Team Development
Precast Specialties Corp a BPDL, Inc company

“We were incredibly pleased with the service provided by Truliance. They helped us reorganize our sales team & process, develop standard operating procedures that identified opportunities and evaluated risk. They successfully implemented and integrate our first CRM, which is now the core of our sales process. Greg was very hands on, he worked side-by-side with our team daily to map and integrate the sales plan, leveraging on his experience, providing a working real-world solution.”

Christian Hester - Sales Organizational Team Build
Grover Precision